Budmaster II 300-XG LED Grow Light

Budmaster has truly been reborn in this new incarnation, the new Budmaster II is truly the best 4G LED Grow Light in the world with complete 100% modularity and more pure par power than any of its rivals.

Budmaster II has many new features that benefit both the grower and our manufacture process thus giving Budmaster II more power and a lower price tag.

The Budmaster II 300-XG is the smallest in Budmaster’s range of led grow lights, but the output and the coverage for such a small package is truly amazing with exceptional par readings in the 70cm2 – 80cm2 area for the energy consumed.

With this smaller model you can place it 2ft away from your canopy for your entire grow once your plants are established to achieve the best results for your bloom stage.

Some growers choose to buy several smaller models instead of one larger model so they have more control over the distribution of light in their area.

      • Consumption: 190w
      • Power: 300w
      • Diodes: 100 x 3w Epiled Diodes
      • Lens: 90° Precision Lens
      • Size: 31 x 31 x 9cm x 3kg
      • Coverage: 1m x 1m 2m Height  / 70cm x 70cm 1.5m Height / 45cm x 45cm 1m Height
      • Input: AC85~264V

Budmaster get asked a lot about how close led grow lights can be to your plants canopy, one of the common misconception that people come to is that you can have them right on top of your canopy, well not any more you can’t they are just too powerful.

Budmaster II has a 90 degree lens and our guidelines for hanging the lights are pretty much the same as usual i.e. stick it right up in the top of your tent and leave it there, but they appreciate that many people are not growing in tents so we have put together the following table as a guideline.


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