Greenfish Aquaponics Day Courses

Next course day is on the 29th of June in Rathmines

Aquaponic food production combines soil-less vegetable growing (hydroponics) and fish farming (aquaculture) within a closed re-circulating system.

Water passes from a tank or reservoir populated with fish to growing beds, rafts or pipes where crops are planted, and then returns to the fish tank. Through this process, fish waste is converted into an organic fertiliser by bacteria living in the system, which in turn is usedto fertilise the plants. The plants absorb the nutrients, filtering the water before it returns to the fish tank. This system mimics natural waterway eco-systems and comprises a highly effective growing method for food production. Through the recirculation and re-use of water, aquaponics uses considerably less water than ground-grown crop production.

The majority of the nutrients required for plants are made available in the system, although some supplementary nutrients, such as iron, must be added for optimum growth. One of the advantages of Aquaponics is that it also provides the grower with two products, fish and fresh produce, at the cost of one input.

Greenfish Aquaponics is offering day courses, to find out more, follow the link GREENFISH AQUAPONICS

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