LUMii Grow Room Glasses



Lumii Grow Room Lenses

LUMii® Grow room Lenses are specifically designed to allow you to view your crop in a more natural light as they reduce the glare from HID and CFL grow lamps. They make identifying pests and disease problems easier without having to turn off your grow lights.

LUMii® Grow room Lenses have a specially developed blue lense that corrects the orange hue of sodium lights. This makes the sodium lit growroom appear as if it is in daylight.

Due to the sheer intensity of HID lamps you’ll often find yourself coming away blurry eyed… unless of course they are protected by LUMii Grow Room Lenses!

Wearing the lenses safeguards your eyes and lets you see the true colour of foliage, fruits and flowers as if being viewed under natural light, helping you to improve the speed and accuracy of grow room tasks. Indeed the product’s ability to reduce the impact of glare, UV rays and infrared is a very important benefit too, since these factors can cause eye-related problems over time.

LUMii Grow Room Lenses are very highly recommended and also prove to be quite versatile, similarly doing a good job of protecting your eyes during the use of any hazardous chemicals associated with hydroponics.

Without doubt an essential grow room purchase that every grower should own!!!!

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