Secret Jardin Darkroom 2.50 Grow Tents


The DARKROOM 2.50 Grow Tents are specially lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (210M) more robust. Increase of the diameter of the tubes from 16 up to 19mm. Pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, the tents come with equipment bars and accessories to support lamps, and carbon filters.

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Secret Jardin Tents

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LUMii Grow Room Glasses



Lumii Grow Room Lenses

LUMii® Grow room Lenses are specifically designed to allow you to view your crop in a more natural light as they reduce the glare from HID and CFL grow lamps. They make identifying pests and disease problems easier without having to turn off your grow lights.

LUMii® Grow room Lenses have a specially developed blue lense that corrects the orange hue of sodium lights. This makes the sodium lit growroom appear as if it is in daylight.

Due to the sheer intensity of HID lamps you’ll often find yourself coming away blurry eyed… unless of course they are protected by LUMii Grow Room Lenses!

Wearing the lenses safeguards your eyes and lets you see the true colour of foliage, fruits and flowers as if being viewed under natural light, helping you to improve the speed and accuracy of grow room tasks. Indeed the product’s ability to reduce the impact of glare, UV rays and infrared is a very important benefit too, since these factors can cause eye-related problems over time.

LUMii Grow Room Lenses are very highly recommended and also prove to be quite versatile, similarly doing a good job of protecting your eyes during the use of any hazardous chemicals associated with hydroponics.

Without doubt an essential grow room purchase that every grower should own!!!!

Mabo Extinguisher



mabo is an automatic fire extinguisher, which intergrates the state-of-the-art technology and a special know-how, putting the fire out unmanned, by dispersion of a glass ampoule containing chemical solution.
mabo is absolutely the most effective system that extinguishes a fire with a unique formula of the solution contained in the ampoule of only 580cc FLAMARK s patented technological breakthrough.
exceptional extinguishing efficiency
instantaneous and total fore suppression
prevents reignition of fire
mabo is an ecological product, harmless for humans, animals and environment
tested and approved -meets the requirements and criteria of the CE 67/548/EEC

basic use in closed space

instantaneously extinguishes initial fire -that is the most important in firefighting
designed for class of fires (approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs):
- A, B: 12-16 m 3 (in closed areas) -one mabo
- B: 90 cm burning area
- energized electric equipment

operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C
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SMSCOM Smart Fan Controller

smartThe Smart Controller distinguishes itself from other types of fan controllers by using software.

This technology has only ever been seen in the Twin Controller 4.5A but is now available in a unit designed to control a single fan.

The Smart Controller will automatically find the correct running speed of your fan so a constant temperature is maintained. This new technology ensures more accurate temperature control, less fan noise and longer life of your fan.

The Smart Controller is plug and play so no wiring is needed, just plug in your fan, set the desired temperature and the software inside the Smart Controller will calculate the correct running speed of your fan to accurately maintain your temperature.

Greenfish Aquaponics Day Courses

Next course day is on the 29th of June in Rathmines

Aquaponic food production combines soil-less vegetable growing (hydroponics) and fish farming (aquaculture) within a closed re-circulating system.

Water passes from a tank or reservoir populated with fish to growing beds, rafts or pipes where crops are planted, and then returns to the fish tank. Through this process, fish waste is converted into an organic fertiliser by bacteria living in the system, which in turn is usedto fertilise the plants. The plants absorb the nutrients, filtering the water before it returns to the fish tank. This system mimics natural waterway eco-systems and comprises a highly effective growing method for food production. Through the recirculation and re-use of water, aquaponics uses considerably less water than ground-grown crop production.

The majority of the nutrients required for plants are made available in the system, although some supplementary nutrients, such as iron, must be added for optimum growth. One of the advantages of Aquaponics is that it also provides the grower with two products, fish and fresh produce, at the cost of one input.

Greenfish Aquaponics is offering day courses, to find out more, follow the link GREENFISH AQUAPONICS