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Plagron Fish Force

Plagron Fish Force Blog


Plagron Fish Force is a natural fish-based plant food for plants in the growth phase. This growth supplement promotes rapid growth, green leaves and high resistance.

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agrobacterias-flyer-2Agrobacterias pest killers combat a large number of plant pests commonly found in an indoor garden, including spider mites, aphids, thrips, mites, larvae, worms and mildew, along with many other pests… Get your Agrobacterias products here : Agrobacterias

The LUMii Metta 600w Grow Light Kit

The LUMii Metta 600w Grow Light Kit is now available for an awesome price!!!


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Red Scorpion Carbon Filters & Inline Duct Fans

Red Scorpion Carbon Filters & Inline Duct Fans

The Red Scorpion Inline Duct fans are constructed from carbon steel and offer real quality and high pressure airflow.


The Red Scorpion carbon filter has everything you would expect from a premium carbon filter. Manufactured using only the finest Australian mined carbon, the Red Scorpion offers minimal pressure drop through the fan whilst maintaining high performance in air scrubbing.


Red Scorpion Carbon Filters

Red Scorpion Inline Duct Fans

Vitalink Buddy

Vitalink Buddy is a PK additive rich in potassium and phosphorus with added Magnesium and Sulphur to support the extra K and P which primarily supports the quality of the plant but also encourages maximum yield from plants i.e. growing bigger buds, producing more fruit and flowers !!

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Vitalink Buddy

Alien 55 LTR Bubbler System

The Alien 55 LTR Bubbler System is a Large Deep Water Culture system providing your plant with a super oxygenated nutrient solution.

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Alien 55Ltr Bubbler System

VitaLink Nutrients & Additives Now Avaialable In Stores !!!

VitaLink is a range of plant nutrients, additives and growing media designed with the grower in mind to enhance the growth and bloom of plants in order to achieve maximum yield and grow bigger buds.


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CANNABOOST Boosts the metabolism of your plants and stimulates the development of new flowers.

Canna Boost special 1 Litre

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GHE Panda Hydro System

For beginners and small hydroponics projects. Simple, efficient and elegant !!

The GHE Panda Hydro System is an 8 Pot Hydroponic System suitable for 8 – 40 plants depending on the size.

Panda Hydro System

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