The Neutralizer Compact Kit

The Neutralizer Compact Kit – Professional odour eliminator kit ( EME220 )

The Neutalizer is a revolutionary odour neutralizing system. Winner of the prestigious Best Product of 2013 European Product Award.

The Neutralizer is compact, easy-to-use and cost effective! It does not mask unwanted odours, it completely eliminates them! The system consists of a plug-in sized electronic vaporizer which activates a cartridge containing a combination of essential oils. You just plug the vaporizer into a wall outlet and in less than an hour (depending on room size), your odours will be neutralized!

Kit includes :

      • 1 x EME ( Electronic Molecule Evaporator  )
      • 1 x Cartridge
      • 1 x Cable Tie

This system features:

      • No absorption into the surrounding environment.
      • Not harmful – Natural ingredient blend
      • Essential oil based
      • Endurance – up to 6 week life with constant 24-hour use
      • Great coverage – up to 700 cu ft (Neutralizer Odour Compact Kit)
      • Hypo-allergenic
      • Compact Plug-in size – low energy consumption
      • Neutralizes within an hour of activation
      • Easy installation
      • Replaceable cartridge

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